Automation products

Provide better solutions

Technical team

Technical team service packaging field 10 years, to give professional program evaluation design, protection of the best and most appropriate, so that customers buy the most suitable for their own needs of the machine.

Labeling machinery


The company has a professional package stickers label printing plant, at the same time for your supply labeling machine dedicated label to ensure the stability of supporting.

Labeling machinery

Price economy

Bingzhuo support the industry customers for automation reform for the business philosophy, for the major small and medium enterprises to provide good equipment support, so the price positioning is cost-effective, affordable!

Labeling machinery


Free installation training + from time to time guidance, in the machine when there will be after-sales engineers on-site training, 24 hours a day warranty service, 8 hours of rapid response to timely resolution of the problem

Labeling machinery


Fast response to shipping, delivery time to ensure that the design drawings to meet the deadline and accuracy; have their own processing, to ensure that the production cycle and equipment quality conventional models timely delivery.

Labeling machinery

They all believe Lai Chang ho Hui Feng


Leading marketing management model

  • Philips
  • Haitian
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Enterprise strength ?Strength Protection


We are committed to becoming a first-class enterprise in the field of mechanical packaging

  • Plate making room

    Plate making room

  • Field plant

    Field plant

  • Production workshop

    Production workshop

  • Automatic silk screen machine

    Automatic silk screen machine

  • Inspection


  • Die cutting machine

    Die cutting machine

  • laser cutter

    laser cutter

  • workshop corner

    workshop corner

  • Production workshop

    Production workshop

  • Sheet metal

    Sheet metal

  • UV machine

    UV machine

Company profile

Labeling machinery

Shenzhen Chang Hao Hui Feng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company is located in China's most economically dynamic international city of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, is the leading supplier of labeling .......


  • Printing workshop

    Printing workshop

  • Milling machine

    Milling machine

  • debugging


  • produce


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